Cedrick Argueta

I work on machine learning at The Aerospace Corporation. Previously, I was a graduate student at Princeton University with Jaime Fernández Fisac. Prior to graduate school, I was an undergraduate at Stanford University.

During summers in college, I worked at The Aerospace Corporation and NASA JPL. I am an amateur astronomer and loved contributing to work that coincided with my hobbies.

Outside of research, I enjoy the outdoors, fashion, sports, and photography. I'm an avid runner and cyclist, used to collect sneakers, root for the Lakers, and like taking pictures of flowers.

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I'm primarily interested in reinforcement learning, especially in the context of robotics, safety, alignment, and language.


The Convince Me Benchmark
Cedrick Argueta, Vinay Ramasesh, Jaime Fernández Fisac

Large language models already reproduce falsehoods from human language, but are they actually convincing? We design a benchmark for future language models to test against, using tools from psychology and information theory to quantify exactly *how* convincing a language model is. This benchmark is part of the Google BIG-bench project.

honors Deep Reinforcement Learning for Drone-based Radio Localization
Cedrick Argueta

A short thesis on what I've learned while completing honors at Stanford. I did my undergraduate honors thesis in the Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab with Prof. Mykel Kochenderfer and Louis Dressel, who is now at Wing.

febol Python Filter Exploration for Bearing Only Localization
Cedrick Argueta, Louis Dressel

A simulation package for the bearing-only localization problem, used in my reinforcement learning research.

Personal Projects
photography Photography
Cedrick Argueta

Some photos that I've taken.

peterdejong Strange Attractors
Cedrick Argueta

Visualizations of various strange attractors, created using Python. Check out the source code!

Other Projects
warfarin Estimation of Warfarin Dosage with Reinforcement Learning
Cedrick Argueta, Nguyet Minh Phu, Emanuel Pinilla

A contextual bandit problem of prescribing warfarin to patients, solved using LinUCB and online supervised learning. Check out our report! Work done for Stanford CS 234.

td3-drone Continuous Control in Bearing-Only Localization
Cedrick Argueta

An agent that uses twin delayed DDPG for continuous control in bearing-only localization. Check out my report! Work done for Stanford CS 229.

draw2pix draw2pix
Cedrick Argueta, Kevin Wang

An extension of CycleGAN and pix2pix, where we use generative networks to turn drawings of trees into photorealistic versions of those drawings. Check out our report! Work done for Stanford CS 231n.

statarb High Frequency Statistical Arbitrage
Tyler Coleman, Cedrick Argueta, Vidushi Singhi, Luisa Bouneder, Dottie Jones

A project using HFT techniques and statistical arbitrage on stocks in the NASDAQ-100 index. Work done for Stanford MS&E 448.

flappy Deep Reinforcement Learning and Transfer Learning with FlappyBird
Cedrick Argueta, Austin Chow, Cristian Lomeli

A simple agent that plays FlappyBird, created with Keras-rl and OpenAI Gym. Check out our report! Work done for Stanford CS 221.

cats CubeSat Automated Testing System
Cedrick Argueta, David Henriquez

A portable, automated testbed for safe-to-mate testing on CubeSat avionics boards. Work done at NASA JPL.


Aug. 2020 - May 2022, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University

M.A. in Computer Science


Sept. 2016 - Jun. 2020, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University

B.S. w/ Honors in Computer Science
Study abroad in Madrid, Spain.


Sept. 2012 - Jun. 2016, Science, Technology, and Mathematics Magnet, Abraham Lincoln High School

High School Diploma

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